Technical details


After a series of massive investments in technology, IRUM, through the iFOR research and development center, has reached the moment when it launches the new version of the most beloved equipment in the Romanian forestry field, TAF 690.
The new model, TAF 690 S5, will be intended both for the Romanian market and for all of Europe and America. It comes with a new and proper design, with a redesigned cabin for the best possible comfort for the operator and, of course, for its safety, but also with many improvements in the technical area.
We have a new Perkins engine, with V pollution stage, 40% more powerful than the previous one, a completely new transmission, the most efficient axles, which can be found on the most well-known models of machines in the world, cardan shaft and gearbox new distribution.
All this is possible due to the massive investments made in the last period, made in the production area. Over 7,000,000 euros were invested in refurbishment with state-of-the-art equipment, and through them we managed to significantly increase the productivity and quality of the parts.
At the same time, the level of performance of the new forestry equipment is possible due to a series of partnerships with some of the world's largest players in the field of subassembly design and the work of over 30 IRUM engineers who redesigned and tested all new components. TAF 690 S5.
From the beginning of this project, a very important objective was to maintain a very good value for money for the customer, so a great achievement is that, although we have significantly improved the performance of the machine, consumption is similar to that of the old model.
The machine successfully passed all the tests made on different stands for endurance, both the Dyno type for the engine and those for the machine itself. This was followed by a period of effective testing at work in the forest, in several areas of the country, where he performed over 1,000 hours, in the harshest conditions of exploitation.
The new TAF 690 S5 was launched on Friday, October 1, 2021, during the Forester's Day, an event organized by ASFOR. Pre-orders can be made starting with November, and series production will start in January 2022.

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