Technical details


PONSSE Wisent may easily be used in thinning areas. Its agility and excellent visibility in all directions from the cab reduce damage to standing trees. Being a lightweight machine, it also causes less damage to the ground. It still offers an excellent load-carrying capacity and power that never runs out. Wisent is a small-sized machine, with large properties, and with low emissions and costs.
Thanks to its excellent weight distribution and geometry, PONSSE Wisent leaves minimal tracks on the ground, and makes driving easy, also on dense and curvy thinning trails.

A long bogie, a new option designed for harvesting in soft soil conditions, is available for the 8-wheeled models of PONSSE Wisent, Elk, Buffalo and Buffalo King. It significantly reduces the ground pressure of a track-based machine, compared to a standard bogie.

The good power of the Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine is available in a wide range of rpm. Its fast response to the throttle, steady torque and strong hydraulics make the machine easy to use.

The design of the chassis focuses in particular on durability and ease of maintenance. In addition to reliability, functional positioning and component operation are typical features of the structure.

The most spacious and comfortable cab, and the most ergonomic controls on the market guarantee the best comfort when working. The cab can be fitted with a PONSSE seat. It is the first seat designed specifically for forestry machinery. That is why the special needs of forestry machine operators have been addressed in its design. The seat and, in particular, its base, are solid, the seat has various suspension adjustments and the entire package withstands heavy operations for years without any problem.

PONSSE Active Crane offers a new way of controlling the loader and increasing efficiency. It is a system that the operator uses to control the movement of the harvesting implement instead of individual functions, allowing the operator to efficiently concentrate on the loader’s works. The active crane is easily controlled using two levers, one of them controlling the grapple height from the ground, and the other controlling the direction of movement. What is essential is that the operator does not need to control all functions simultaneously. Once the appropriate location of the grapple has been given to the machine, it will perform the lift and use the boom and extension automatically.

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