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PONSSE Scorpion King is the clear image of a modern, award-winning machine for its design and technological innovation. The most important award, however, is the popularity it enjoys among the entrepreneurs in the forestry sector. It is the best-selling machine in several areas of activity.

Scorpion King is a three-frame harvester equipped with a fork boom. Its balancing keeps the cab in horizontal position, no matter the conditions. Furthermore, visibility from the cab is perfect thanks to the large glass area, and the crane does not block it at all, no matter what direction it is placed in. With Scorpion King you are safe, especially in areas with demanding ground or pronounced unevenness.

It consists of three part, linked by rotating joints. The cab is located in the central frame, which is hydraulically balanced, while the front and rear frames tilt according to ground.

You can choose the PONSSE C50 parallel crane. A completely new geometry and a unique two-arm lift boom moving over the cab: excellent visibility and balance. Unbeatable movement geometry. Reaches 10/11 m.

PONSSE harvesting implements are famous for their high efficiency/weight ratios and robust structure. For the Scorpion King, several types of implements are available.

The incredible stability of PONSSE Scorpion comes from its 8 wheels and the active stabilization system. It is based on detecting the crane direction and position, on the basis of which the rear frame is pressed in the working direction. Pressing the rear wheels against the ground, and the weight of the rear frame significantly improve the machine’s stability when working on the side of the machine – also when the machine is moving.

The powerful engine and hydraulic system produce more than enough power, both for harvesting and transmission. Scorpion is available fitted with single-circuit hydraulic system, for changing harvesting purposes, or as the Scorpion King version with double-circuit hydraulic system, in particular for direct cutting. The power, torque and fuel economy of the Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine are better than ever. The advanced transmission provides excellent handling and machine control – especially in demanding conditions and ground with pronounced unevenness.

The design of PONSSE Scorpion King has focused on the operator, as the central point of the machine. The cab is located in the middle of the machine, making it easier to see its extremities when working in narrow or dense areas. Moreover, the operator is located right in the center of the cab’s turning radius, thus being very conformable even when it turns. The unique crane solution offers an excellent visibility, in every direction. Good visibility, also on both sides of the cab, increases the efficiency beyond all limits. The operator can select trees and cutting directions and place trees into piles efficiently, producing the best harvesting quality.

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