Technical details


PONSSE Elephant King is the sturdiest machine in our range. When forestry machines are designed and manufactured in Finland, it is guaranteed that requirements set by difficult conditions have been taken into account, whether the temperatures are of 50 degrees above or below zero. The durable basic structure is reliable and holds no surprises, also in heavy-duty operations. The technology, tested in extreme conditions, guarantees productivity and helps the operator to continue working. Its powerful engine, combined with its never-ending tractive force and 20-ton load-carrying capacity, ensures that wood is efficiently moved, also at sites located on slopes, and over long distances, with fewer trips.
The trail may not always be smooth and comfortable. This means that the Active Frame cab suspension system, available as optional equipment, is more than welcome. It prevents the operator from swaying in the cab, and helps them to continue working.

Since the Elephant is a large machine, it must have a lot of power. And it certainly has. The engine of this machine has the highest power and the mightiest torque in the PONSSE series, with incredibly low emissions.

The design of the chassis focuses in particular on durability and ease of maintenance. In addition to reliability, functional positioning and component operation are typical features of the structure.

The most spacious and comfortable cab, and the most ergonomic controls on the market guarantee the best comfort when working. The cab can be fitted with a PONSSE seat. It is the first seat designed specifically for forestry machinery. That is why the special needs of forestry machine operators have been addressed in its design. The seat and, in particular, its base, are solid, the seat has various suspension adjustments and the entire package withstands heavy operations for years without any problem.

PONSSE Active Crane offers a new way of controlling the loader and increasing efficiency. It is a system that the operator uses to control the movement of the harvesting implement instead of individual functions, allowing the operator to efficiently concentrate on the loader’s works. The active crane is easily controlled using two levers, one of them controlling the grapple height from the ground, and the other controlling the direction of movement. What is essential is that the operator does not need to control all functions simultaneously. Once the appropriate location of the harvesting implement has been given to the machine, it will perform the lift and use the boom and extension automatically. The operator can easily switch between Active Crane and conventional loader control, with a push of a button. This provides the active crane with easy maintenance and reliability.

The active frame eliminates any sideways movement the operator may feel. This presents the most significant factor directly affecting the operator when working with a forestry machine. Furthermore, it efficiently suspends any swaying, while keeping the operator’s seat horizontal.

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