Technical details


The new PONSSE Cobra is a versatile machine, adapting for multiple working conditions. Its versatility makes it feel at home both in narrow working spaces, but also in open areas. A multifunctional machine, fitted with 8 wheels, which is ideal to cover different types of works, which would normally require the use of several machines. It is thus the excellent choice for the entrepreneurs using a single machine in several logging areas.

Thanks to its reliable basic solutions, the Cobra is a durable and economical machine. The accurate and easy-to-use crane, good balance, strong hydraulic pump and powerful six-cylinder engine make Cobra a dependable machine in the long run. The crane is located on the rear boogie, which makes the machine very balanced. The 11 m distance that it can work at is an unbeatable feature, especially in narrow working areas, which make it stand out from other similar machines.

The design of the Cobra frame focuses particularly on balance, durability and capacities. The locking system, fitted with hydraulic cylinders is compact, and acts as a shock absorber when driving.

You can choose the PONSSE C44+ parallel crane or the PONSSE C5 sliding boom crane. The tilt angle of the crane base is ±20 º as standard, resulting in a smooth operation and making the crane power available, even on the steepest slopes.

PONSSE harvesting implements are famous for their high efficiency/weight ratios and robust structure. For the Cobra, several types of implements are available. The specific power of this machine is given by the length that can be reached when working with the implements, i.e., 11 meters, making it thus unbeatable in narrow working areas.

The excellent stability of the 8 wheels, as well as the tractive force, are very useful when the working areas are on steep slopes or challenging ground, with pronounced unevenness. At the same time, the low pressure exerted while moving, guarantees that the machine can advance, even in soft ground conditions.

The powerful engine and hydraulics produce more than enough power, for all types of works. The power, torque and lows consumption of the Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine are the best. The advanced transmission provides excellent handling and control, especially in uneven ground and on steep slopes.

The most spacious and comfortable cab, and the most ergonomic controls on the market guarantee the best comfort when working. The PONSSE Opti information system is an advanced and easy-to-use interface for operating the machine.

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