Technical details


PONSSE Buffalo Dual is an excellent combination of an efficient harvester and a powerful forwarder. With Dual, you can operate economically with the operating costs of a single machine. It can be converted from a harvester into a forwarder and back in just a few minutes. Buffalo Dual’s technology is of the absolute Ponsse quality, tested in practice.
PONSSE Buffalo Dual is a cost-efficient solution in the logging areas where the use of two machines is too much and too expensive. Dual is a simple and solid combination. Its capacity is more than enough for heavy thinning and energy wood harvesting.
Dual is also ideal for the regeneration felling of small-diameter logging areas. Its load-carrying capacity is 14 tons, up to 15 tons. Its powerful working hydraulics and crane make Dual an efficient machine, both as a harvester and as a forwarder.

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