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PONSSE BEAVER feels at home in dense forests, with narrow places for movement, and is also a multifunctional and compact machine, you can rely on when needed. The agility provided by the 6 wheels, combined with a solid structure, make the PONSSE Beaver an unstoppable machine, even where the site is challenging and difficult to access. This is precisely why it is a machine recommended for logging areas where the soil is rocky, but also for crowded areas, where the rotation radius is small.

Makes working easy. It does not require a large transportation vehicle, and its operating costs are low. Its excellent visibility and high-reach crane streamline the operation, especially in narrow places.

The design of the Beaver frame has particularly focused on durability and ease of maintenance. Its structure is based on a short wheelbase and an oscillating axle. Combined, these result in an agile all-terrain solution for areas where you need to work in narrow spaces.

The PONSSE C44+ crane, with parallel action, uses a hydraulic system instead of a mechanical lever. This is why the crane is fuel-efficient and the maintenance costs are low.

The PONSSE harvesting tool is known for its high efficiency/weight ratio and robust structure. A wide range of harvesting implements is available for Beaver: you may choose the small and efficient H5 model, for harvesting in very narrow areas, or the H6 model, which is light and efficient, being intended for areas with a larger opening.

With its six wheels, PONSSE Beaver is an agile machine, and its stability is ensured by its sturdy frame joint and swing axle, which can be locked without stopping, during work, using the hydraulic cylinders.

The 190 cm3 hydraulic pump offers the best hydraulic capacity in its size class, and the strong Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine ensures that power never runs out, while fuel economy remains high.

The most spacious and comfortable cab, and the most ergonomic controls on the market guarantee the best comfort when working. The PONSSE Opti information system is an advanced and easy-to-use interface for operating the machine.

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