Technical details

Practical and reliable, the MTE is the ideal seeder for small and medium-sized enterprises, which mainly carry out maize sowing and require frequent road transport. Equipped with 6 seed drills and a 4.30 m chassis, the MTE is characterized by the telescopic closure of the external sections at 3.00.

The MTE is an extremely versatile seeder that allows you to work even in the most difficult soils, while maintaining high precision.

Mechanical PTO Shaft Transmission

The system with bevel gears and cardan shaft guarantees extremely reduced maintenance compared to chain machines, providing for only periodic greasing of the bevel gears. The single planter can be excluded with the quick release or through an electric control.

Furrow opener discs

The 420 mm diameter by 4 mm thick furrow opener discs create a very narrow “V” furrow. Thanks to their triple seal, SUPER SEAL type bearings ensure a long life, which prevents dust and humidity from entering the bearing. The mud scraper guarantees maximum cleaning of the disc thanks also to the WIDIA (tungsten carbide) profile with zero wear.

Burying of fertilizer

The burying of the fertilizer on the side of the planting row is made possible thanks to the coulter. 

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Succesul produsele dezvoltate de IRUM împreună cu MAVI ne-au încurajat

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